Tiffany-Lampe Blatt Deckenventilator (UNI-237)

Antique european chandelier ceiling fan 52 inch ABS blade tiffany lamp leaf ceiling fan with light kits

  • Größe: 52" tiffany ceiling fan
  • Modell Nr .: UNI-237
  • Farbenwahl: Antik schwarz
  • Lichtquelle (n): 5 * E27
  • Die Geschwindigkeit der Einstellung: 3 Geschwindigkeiten, niedrig / mittel / hoch
  • Blades: 5 ABS Blades
  • Lampshade: Tiffany - Glas
  • Steuermethode: Pull - Kette
  • Timer: Keine
  • Reverse - Funktion: Verfügbar
  • Motortyp: AC oder DC verfügbar
  • MOQ: 10 pieces
  • Bemerkungen: Verschiedene Aufhängestange, Motor, Licht - Kit verfügbar
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    This is a 52 inch Tiffany lamp leaf ceiling fan. 5 plastic blades look like 5 big leaves, wind power is very strong, it can bring a cool and refreshing to the hot summer. The tiffany lamps are nobility and elegance, as if to let you to the halcyon rural life from noisy city.

    The Deckenventilator Herstellung combines the lamps and the fans perfectly. The style is classic and elegant, and the decoration is very strong. This ceiling fan europe conforms to the pursuit of the modern people to build high quality home environment, It is popular with consumers in recent years.



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