Electric ceiling fan (UNI-109)

2020 factory price southeast asia hot selling 5 plywood blades 52 inch air ventilation electric ceiling fan with lights

  • Размер: 52" электрический потолочный вентилятор
  • No модели .: UNI-109
  • Вариант цвета: бронза
  • Источник света (ы): 5 * E27
  • Скорость настройки: 3 скорости, Low / Med / High
  • Лопасти: 5 фанерные лезвия
  • Абажур: Стекло
  • Метод управления: Прицепная цепь
  • Таймер: Отсутствует
  • Нет обратной функции: Доступный
  • Тип двигателя: AC или DC доступен
  • MOQ: 10 pieces
  • Примечания: Различная подвеска, двигатель, свет комплект доступен
  • Информация о продукте


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            This is a 52 inch охлаждение на воздухе потолочный вентилятор с лампами . It has 5 wooden blades and 5 glass lampshades. It belongs to chandelier. The chandelier is an important decoration in the home. It can not only illuminate the space, but also have the effect of icing on the cake.люстра потолочного вентилятор

            Fan light also known as luxury decorative ceiling fan, not only beautiful appearance, but also with lighting, cooling, decoration and other functions, is the current cost-effective furniture.потолочные вентиляторы Сингапурские

            Fan lamp has the positive and negative rotation function, when in the hot summer, the fan turned to positive rotation can cool ; when the fan to rotate reversely in winter, hot air makes up under pressure, strengthen the air flow over will become warmer. At the same time, the air flow and circulation brought by the fan lamp are beneficial to the indoor air purification, which can create a healthy living environment for us.




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