Patio ceiling fan ideas

As we know, patio is a place in the house that is usually used for outdoor party, relaxing, barbeque and other family gathering. Except table and chairs, you can also add an outdoor ceiling fan to your patio for cooling and decoration. It’s an excellent way to keep yourself refreshed, especially during hot summer days.

For outdoor fans, you will need to select a fan with damp or wet rating. Damp-rated fans are only great for covered patios and decks, screened porches and also areas like garages and bathrooms. For spaces that may be exposed more heavily to rain or moisture, select an outdoor fan with a wet-rating. This type of ceiling fan is advisable for exposed decks, gazebos, verandas, lanais, and pergolas. If you are interested in an outdoor ceiling fan with lights, be sure that the light kit is damp or wet-rated to ensure it can safely be exposed to the elements.UNI-236-2 patio ceiling fan porch ceiling fan

Post time: Sep-10-2020