10ft HVLS ceiling fan supplier large commercial & industrial Air cooling fans with DC motor (UNI-299)

High volume low speed fans with energy saving powerful DC motor

  • Size: 10 ft
  • Model No.: UNI-299NL
  • Color option: Matte white/Matte black
  • Blades: 6 Blades
  • Motor Type: DC Motor
  • Motor rpm: 0-85 rpm
  • Power: 0.35 kw
  • MOQ: 10 pieces
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    High volume low speed, HVLS ceiling fan circulates gently with powerful airflow around the space.

    Not only used in large spaces, but also smaller spaces,such as villa, residential, office buildings, shopping mall, industrial factory.

    Low rpm, low noise, low power consumption, large air flow, high comfort.

    Perfect for indoor spaces up to 55 x 55 F. And ceilings 13 to 25 ft.

    Hvls ceiling fan supplier in China



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